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It is sometimes frustrating when trying to sell your property.


You will have some initial interest, but after a time the calls decrease and the dilemma is what to do next. The easy answer from the Agent is to ask you to reduce the price but in reality the enthusiasm has gone, especially if you use one of the larger multi national agents whose sales staff are commission based. They move their interest onto other more lucrative properties to sell.

It is likely that the larger Agents over valued your property to get your business into their shop window, which is bad practise because any buyer with a mortgage will have a valuation carried out and as the mortgage companies are not risk takers, the visiting surveyor will usually slightly undervalue to protect their client.

So, as your property has been on the market for a while it will soon be DECISION TIME.

Your property will be showing on the Portals such as Rightmove with a date it was first listed on the market and the older the date, the less likely to sell as the first question is always:

Why has it been on the market for so long.



  • To regain the enthusiasm in your property as an established Local Independent High Street Agent we have the staff to personalise your journey, we have A SHORT TIE IN period which means you can stay with us for as long or as little time as you wish. NO OTHER ESTATE AGENT OFFERS THIS. You are not tied to an Agent for another 12 to 16 weeks with no way to leave. No Sale, No Fee of course.


  • Selling your property with us will refresh your property photos, refresh the start date, making it look like a new sale instruction on the market. As a new listing with us will send out a NEW PROPERTY ALERT to all Rightmove customers looking in the local area, so anyone looking for your type of property will get an email from Rightmove with your property details. We are one of a few Agents who advertise on all 3 major portals, Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market. On the Market also automatically advertise for us on Facebook Marketplace.
  • A change of Agent will give you a new fresh team who are motivated to sell your property.


  • Communication is the biggest reason vendors decide to change Agents. Are you getting regular updates from your Agent, with constructive ideas on how to help you get your property sold. We strive to regularly contact our vendors with an update on their marketing and talk through with you ideas on how to get your property sold quickly.

Even as we approach the less busy period for property activity, we are still selling properties especially with the current Government Stamp Duty offer and only have a small number of properties left to offer our clients, so this is a good time to prepare for a New Year move.  Come and speak to us, or pop in the shop to see if we can find out how to find a buyer for you.


Our Sales Fee is very competitive with a Fixed Sales Fee of £950 + VAT (£1140) up to £180,000.

Marginally more for properties in excess of £180,000 as the amount of work involved is more intense.


No obligation at all. We will be happy to talk it through with you.


Smoothmoves Nottingham

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